Sunday, December 30, 2012

High Stakes: A Sneak Peek

Hello Again Lovlies,

I'm excited to share with you an excerpt from my new upcoming erotic contemporary romance, High Stakes. The book along with Negotiating Skills is part of my Boardroom Acts series. It’s a stand alone story, maintaining the theme of mixing business with please. The release date will be announced soon, but until then please enjoy this quick excerpt. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed bringing Pepper and Jaxon's romance to life!


-Hey Pep, Can’t make the meeting next month. Reschedule.
~We can’t postpone again. Get down to Miami A.S.A.P!!!
-No can do.
~Then give me your proxy. I will handle on my end.
~Stop being an ASS!
-Stop being a BRAT! See you in a few weeks.
That last text had caused her to throw her phone across the room and smash it against the opposite wall. The phone had splintered and shattered into small electronic pieces that gave her a split second of satisfaction before she added its demise to Jaxon’s list of transgressions. It was the third phone she destroyed since he decided to pull his disappearing act.
As she stared at the shiny broken pieces scattered on the floor across the room, she made her decision to come looking for him.
It only took her a few hours to track down his location. She just had to lure his ever efficient assistant away from his desk long enough to search for his latest bills. Jax was notorious for liking the finer things in life, so Pepper knew that wherever he chose to hideout, he would leave an extensive money trail.
She was surprised to see that there had been only two major charges to his credit cards in the last three months. The first was for a first class plane ticket to Denver and the second was for a cabin rental in somewhere named Lissit, Colorado. When she had investigated she learned that he had rented the cabin through the remainder of the year. The news had only fueled her anger. No way was she waiting another two months for him decide to come back to Miami!
She was on a plane to Colorado within twenty-four hours. When she arrived she took the time to buy a satellite phone, some warm clothing and rent an SUV equipped for trekking through the mountains.
The weather delay had only served to increase her frustration. She had a lot of work still left to do regarding the acquisition of Lubtech. There was only so much she could get done from her laptop within her hotel room.
After years of friendship, she couldn’t believe that he would up and just abandon her when he knew how hard she had worked to secure the deal. They had been friends throughout college and had survived financial ups and downs, family tragedies, and recent health issues together. Her mind skittered away from the breast cancer scare she had three months ago.
Jaxon had been her rock through the whole thing. He was the first person she ran to when she noticed something odd in her left breast, and he was the one who sat, gripping her hand in support, when she was told the cyst was benign.
She flushed deeply as she thought of that day. No doubt she felt relief about her results, and she knew that she was lucky to have been given a clean bill of health. However, she still remembered that day with a profound sense of embarrassment. If I had only avoided that last glass of wine, she thought. Perhaps if she hadn’t had that last glass of liquid courage her relationship with him wouldn’t be so awkward right now.
Shifting uncomfortably in the leather driver’s seat, Pepper replayed that day, more specifically that night, over in her mind for what must have been the millionth time.
Jax as always, had been an amazing friend. Just as she had been there for him only a few months prior when his mother passed away, he dropped everything to help her through the doctor’s visits, biopsy and ultimate good news that the lump she found was nothing serious.
After the last doctor’s visit he took her out to dinner to celebrate, and the night should have ended at that. Unfortunately, Pepper was so relieved that she was healthy, that she made the drunken decision to finally act on her long standing attraction to him.
The giddy need to seize life and finally live out her fantasy had almost ruined their relationship. For one night she had lived her fantasy. She had him in her arms and bed, but the cold light of day had shown her that he only stayed to spare her from embarrassment. Even now the event caused her panties to go damp and her body to prickle with heat.
Do you trust me Pep?
The huskily asked words whispered through her mind.
She had always known that Jax was an intensely focused man. To have all of that raw energy focused on her was one the most erotic things she’d ever experienced. The idea of allowing someone else to control her pleasure had always appealed to her, but she’d never trusted anyone enough to give them that power. But with him…with him she had relinquished everything.
She whimpered softly into the cabin of the plush rental car as her body heated and remembered the feel of him rubbing against her flesh. The feel of his hard chest pressing against her nipples as he pulled her hands above the bed and tied them loosely to the headboard.
She remembered the sense of freedom she felt when she gripped the edges of his silk tie bond around her wrists.  
That’s it honey let me in.
A shiver worked its way down her spine as her body relived the feel of his almost bruising grip holding her hips down as he kneeled between her legs circling his cock at her wet entrance.
The sound of his hisses of breath and grunts of satisfaction. The feel of his lips against hers. The slow licks of tongue and soft nips of teeth. The feel of his hard length slowly working its way into her was ingrained in her memory forever.  
If only it hadn’t been the worst mistake of her life.


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