Monday, March 10, 2014

My Website is Getting a Face Lift

Hello All, 

My website is getting a face lift this week, so there will be some connectivity issues until the new website is fully loaded. So as the week goes on you may see a few 404 errors and "Oops" messages, but rest assured the new site will be up shortly. 

When I first began this blog a few years ago I never expected to expand into my own site so quickly. But just after my first book I launched a website and continued to also post here to this blog. Since then I've resisted the urge to migrate everything onto one site, but alas the time has finally come. By next week this blog and my website will be one just as the internet intended. So please excuse all the cyber dust while all the nuts and bolts are migrated over.

Talk to you soon,


  1. The website looks amazing, Laurel! Very elegant and chic. The lovely website is highly informative as well. I love the fact that I can follow your updates here and there. May your business be fruitful and your books be loved. Keep us updated! :)

    Mildred Stephens @ Reputation Local

  2. Your new site's a wonderful combination of artistic colour and intriguing romance, portrayed in the covers of your books and seeping through into the pages and the stories beyond. I'd never heard the term 'smex' before I found your blog, but I absolutely love it. How original. You blow 50 Shades right out of the water!

    Regina Morales @ Sonic Response