Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Heart Jane Austen and Alan Rickman

Hello Lovelies,

     Yes you read that correctly. I totally HEART HEART them both! I watched Sense & Sensibility again last night and completely fell in love with Mr. Alan Rickman AKA Professor Snape AKA Mr. Smooth & Smexy

     Now my love for Ms. Austen is always and forever. And Admittedly I've got a Love Jones going for the BEST DARCY EVER, Colin Firth as well, but oh yummy yum yum, Mr. Rickman you totally have me lusting and  inspired. 

     Note to all of yo, this is what happens when I am Austen deprived. I spend months without reading one of her books or watching one of the film adaptations, and then BAM!  I remember why she will forever be the queen of romance and drama. If you have somehow managed to live up until this moment without reading one of her books or watching one of her movies, then please don't deprive yourself any longer. Add it to your bucket list. Just do it, you won't be sorry.

So back to sensuous lips Rickman...yup I'm still crushing hard there. His character has totally inspired an erotic romance character for me! The lovely Janet Eckford threw down a challenge when I was gushing about him in a book group last night and I have graciously and excitedly accepted! Brace yourselves, It's gonna be naughty!

Okay Lovelies, that's all the ramblings of an Austen induced coma victim yo're gonna get from me tonight.

Talk to you soon,