Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winged Styles: eBooks Anyone?

Hello Lovelies,

Early this week I posed a question to the interwebverse at large regarding setting up my own eBook formatting service. A few of you emailed me with follow up questions regarding pricing and what exactly I would offer. The feedback I received was enough to convince me that it would indeed be a good idea to start my own service. 

What about my writing you ask? No need to worry I have no intention of letting anything interfere with my writing schedule. Today I actually finished several chapters of a novella I plan on submitting to Samhain (fingers crossed that they'll love it). However, your feedback has convinced me that perhaps it's time for me to scale back a little form my current 9-5 management day job. I'm at a point where working from home is more of a draw.

With all that said I'd like to announce the creation of WINGED STYLES, an eBook formatting service specifically geared towards romance authors. You can check it out here or by going to Please take some time to stop by the site and let me know what you think. 

Winged Styles will provide authors with custom eBook formatting sing HTML and CSS. Authors will get both MOBI and EPUB files as part of the service, which also includes custom title page and chapter headings creation. Lets be clear here. I'm not talking about just getting a book through the review process at Amazon or BnB. I'm talking about adding some custom style and swagger to books, to make them stand out and be a smooth experience for readers and reviewers. 

Interior eBook Formatting

$35 - Short Stories 1k - 7k words
$55 - Novellas 7k to 25k words
$75 - Novels 25k to 65k words
$100 - Novels 65k to 150 words
neg* - Novels 150k + words*

Since this is a new service I'm willing to offer my services for free to the first five authors who contact me. All I ask is that they provide me with an honest testimonial/review of my work in the end.

Thanks again to all of you for all of your feedback and support!

Talk to you soon,

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