Friday, February 22, 2013

Hmmm... I Did Something A Little Naughty...

Hello Lovelies, 

I did something a little naughty tonight...No not that naughty :) On a complete and totally procrastination inspired whim, I removed Negotiating Skills from  BnB, Kobo and All Romance! What? o_O! Yeah I know! Since the sales for the book are winding down and I'm already in the midst of several other works in progress I figured it was time to see what the hoopla is all about for Amazon's kdp select. 

Yes I know for some it is the devil and for other's it is a godsend. Frankly I'm not really expecting much. I really just want to make sure as many readers get a chance to read it as possible while I works on getting my next few books out and published.

So I'll be offering my baby up for free starting today through Sunday! Yes I know I should probably do some promo of this right?  So I will. Would it had made more sense if I did it in advance? Most definitely, but since I'm really just trying to procrastinate my night away I'm going to do it any way. 

*Sigh* Yes I know I'm being belligerent but I've been re-writing the same final chapter for weeks now and I'm in serious need of a mini mental break. The twenty minutes of joy I got from searching out the James Van Der Beek gif for this post was priceless along with the knowledge that for the next 90 days I only have to worry about checking one publishing site :) So spread the word. Negotiating Skills is a free read via the Amazon Kindle market through to Sunday! Wish me luck smex monsters!

Talk to you soon,

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