Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Write What You Know, Research What You Don't

Hi All, 

I decided to introduce a berserker like character to my "How To" series. It just kind of happened. I thought it, I love it, so now it MUST happen. Unfortunately the lazy writer in me is annoyed that now I have to do some form of research. I'm one of those crazy writers who actually feels it necessary to research things before dropping them all willy-nilly into a story line... *SIGH*...One of the reasons I prefer writing contemporary fiction is because I don't have to worry about researching whether zippers or clocks where invented yet when I write them into a scene. But alas, even I must admit that I don't know everything, I'm no Alex Trebek sadly, so even with contemporary fiction I find myself hitting the books/net for information to keep things believable and accurate (somewhat). 

My hubby is a software developer and used to work on applications for a property development firm, hence the background set up for "Negotiating Skills". I myself used to work in scientific research and that knowledge helped to set up the background for "How To Kill Your Immortal". Regardless of my already present knowledge on certain topics, I still had to research and verify things for both books. I've had to do a lot of research for the "How To" series in particular. Most people would assume that because it's a paranormal book, I would have to do less research. Those people would be wrong.

The "How To" series consists that consists of vampires, witches, gnomes and fairies (and that's only in the first few chapters). When characters like this exist I like to make sure the "world" I've put them in makes sense, which means that not only do I have to research several things about each type of character and create a character and "species" profile for each character. I also have to keep track of those profiles and remember to stay consistent through out the book.

With this berserker idea floating around in my head right now, I'm already thinking of all of the character possibilities and wondering how my research may help create a "species" profile. Hmmmm, did I say I was annoyed to have to research this? Scratch that and color me all sorts of excited. I'm thinking, big, strong, conflicted oh so yummy berserker...

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