Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recharging Your Creative Batteries

Hello Lovelies,

It's been an interesting last few weeks. After I finally finished publishing "Negotiating Skills" last month, I had a crazy surge of creative energy. I was able to sit down and flesh out the outlines for my next few projects. Two of which will be the next two books of my "How To/OWLS Inc" series. I also have two more contemporary novellas coming up one of which features a lumberjack. Before you ask, you can all thank my husband for the lumberjack suggestion. It started off as a joke but by the time I walked away I already had what I think will be a great story lightly outlined in my mind. So all of that being said, my surge of energy came...then went.

I've spent the last week being completely and utterly selfish and lazy. I've spent a ridiculous amount of money  downloading books to my Android tablet (yes, I'm a droid not an apple). I've read half a dozen books and sometimes just stared blindly at my television screen. I've even surfed the net endlessly for absolutely no reason. This has wasted A LOT of my time. It produced no new words towards my projects and it has most likely killed a few brain cells (thank you Honey Boo Boo). This amazingly colossal waste of my time was EXACTLY what I needed to recharge my batteries.

Outside of preparing to publishing "Negotiating Skills" there were several other projects (non writing related) that required a lot of my time these last few months. It's been pretty hectic and I think my brain and body just needed a complete veg-out period. 

The good news is that I woke up this morning, feeling crazy recharged and incredibly resentful that I had to go to work instead of spending the next few hours writing. Thankfully I make sure to always have either my tablet or journal with me so that I can capture any ideas before they disappear into the ether that is my poor memory. Sadly the thoughts are always jumbled and can refer to any one of my pending projects. Now my biggest problem is to focus on completing one project at a time. I can't wait to get home tonight! That all being, I'll be posting a new excerpt for "How to Kill Your Immortal" soon so stay tuned!

Talk to you soon,


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