Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Negotiating Skills, New Excerpt

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Today I was preparing some excerpts from Negotiating Skills for a guest blog post I'll be dong in a few weeks (more on that in another post) and decided to share. For those of you who haven't had a chance to read the book yet, enjoy!

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With her decision made, she straightened her back and locked her gaze firmly onto Victor’s cold green eyes.
“I won’t sleep with you,” she said calmly.
“I don’t believe I asked for that pleasure,” he replied, quirking his eyebrow in a way that Veronica was finding increasingly annoying.
She pressed her lips together firmly. He was behaving like a jackass. She couldn’t believe that she had spent all that time fantasizing about such a ruthless jerk.
“And no one else will be aware of this…arrangement except the two of us,” she continued.
“I’ve never been one to discuss private business matters with outside parties,” he said with a slight smile playing across his lips.
“Fine,” she said as she dropped her gaze from his and reached into her purse to pull out a pen. She pulled the contract forward and signed the bottom page with hands she fought to keep steady from shaking. After she placed the pen down, she couldn’t prevent her hands from clutching tightly on the cool glass top of Victor’s desk.
She pulled in a shaky breath and raised her gaze back to his. She kept her eyes steady on him as she pushed back her chair and began to raise her skirt.
“Not so fast,” he said harshly, his words halting her movement.
Veronica let her skirt fall back down to her knees. For a split second, Veronica again thought that Victor had changed his mind, but his eyes remained cold and she knew that wasn’t the case.
“The deal is that you would show me yours, so come here,” he said gesturing to his side of the desk.
If it weren’t for his cold gaze Veronica almost believed that his voice had grown huskier. She locked her knees to keep them from trembling as she made her way around his desk.
“Continue,” he said when she reached his chair. She watched and struggled hard not to reach out and slap his smirking face as he leaned back in his chair and rested his folded hands across his flat stomach.
Veronica felt her knees tremble and her stomach quaver at his focused stare and tried not to let her surprise at her body’s reaction show.
As pissed off as she was at his demands, it seemed as if her body had yet to receive the message that the recent object of her obsession had turned from a sexy crush to an arrogant ass. Even now standing in front of him about to submit to his ludicrous demand, she couldn’t keep a warm flush from spreading throughout her body and a lick of desire settle in her stomach.
She didn’t know who she was angrier with at this point, herself for being so aroused, or Victor for putting her in such a demeaning position.
“Sometime this century please,” he said arrogantly. He no longer looked in her eyes. Instead he kept his eyes fixed squarely below her waist.
Steeling herself against the need to physically hurt him, Veronica kept her gaze trained on him as she clasped her skirt in her fists and pulled it up to her waist. She saw Victor stiffen and hoped that he was just as uncomfortable as she was.
She held her skirt up with one hand and reached down to hook her fingers into the hip of her blue lace thong with the other. She paused only briefly before pulling it down over her lips and releasing her fingers to let the patch of lace pool at her feet.
She was about to smooth her skirt back down over her hips when Victor’s hands reached forward in a flash and grabbed her hips firmly in his hands.
“I gave you more than just a few seconds worth of a look last night,” he said huskily.
“I’m pretty sure I’m owed more than just a quick peek now,” he said as he moved her over slightly.
Veronica felt the cool glass top of his desk graze her ass as he shifted her over. Her muscles felt frozen. The moment his hands clasped her hips she felt such a rush of heat she was afraid to speak. It burned so quickly, she struggled to keep it from fogging up her mind completely.
She stood quietly, locked in a shocked haze of heat, as his hands leaned her back against his desk. The movement caused her legs to splay open slightly, just enough to give him a full view of her pussy.
His thumbs stroked across her hips and down slowly to the crease of her inner thighs. He kept his touch light, his fingers never touching the aching juncture between her legs.
“I wouldn’t have figured you for the clean shaven look,” he murmured.

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