Friday, September 28, 2012

Casual Smex Fridays

Hello Lovelies, 

In my quest to learn more about the world of romance writing and publishing, I've been fortunate enough to have met some amazing readers, writers and bloggers via Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook and other interweb tube routes. In honor of all of these great contacts I've decided to institute Casual Smex Fridays. Each Friday I will share with you an excerpt from a new book or new and upcoming author. If you'd like to be featured please message me via 

The whole process of being a new self-pubbed author is grueling. Getting the word out about your books takes a lot of time, effort and oftentimes just plain old luck and word of mouth. I've been really lucky that my sales have been relatively steady since I released Negotiating Skills and slowly but surely it's gaining traction. Don't get me wrong I would kill (almost but not really) for review sites to post about it. But I'm biding my time. I've already submitted it for review to several (as in a bazillion) sites and have been told that I'm in the "queue". I've also gotten some amazing feedback from readers so for now I'm quite content. All of that being said there is still A LOT that can still be done and I know that, but I'm not the only writer out there that would like to get their worked recognized and build a fan base.

So please stay tuned for the first Casual Smex Friday!    

Talk to you soon,

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