Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Excerpt From HTKYI

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I'm having fun setting up the line up for my next releases. Getting them ready for your reading pleasure so to speak. Just to let you know that I haven't forgotten you all, below is new a quick excerpt from How To Kill Your Immortal...

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“How do you want to handle this?” he asked.

Dante turned his head slightly and looked at Jasmine, his gaze running over her angry features. She was seething and still struggling against his grip on her wrist, tugging forcefully to no avail. He could tell that one way or the other he would have to tell Jasmine the complete truth tonight. However, at that moment he was more concerned with keeping her safe.

“I’ll take care of it,” he said his lips tightening into a grim line.

“Just finish the Frederick case and get your ass to the penthouse as soon as you can,” glancing back at Jasmine he said, “Bring in the Brothers in for extra security.”

His statement was greeted with quiet. He could hear the grim acceptance in the silence floating through the phone line.

The Brothers were Dante’s soldiers of last resort. They were difficult to control, almost impossible to defeat and had a loyalty for Dante that even death could not break. Whenever Dante chose to use them in security it was not for negotiations or treaties—it was with the full knowledge that only corpses would be left behind.

“Shit man, this is going to be one hell of a ride,” said Elijah laughing as Dante ended the call.

Dante placed the cell phone back in his pocket and took a deep breath, silently counting to ten, before turning to focus back on Jasmine. He fought to hold back a cringe when he saw her smiling. A smiling pissed off Jasmine, was a dangerous Jasmine. Her ruthlessness was sadly one of the things he loved about her. He acknowledged to himself that it made him either a fool in love or a masochist.

“Darling,” she said sweetly, leaning towards him.

“Yes love?” said Dante, baiting her and stalling the conversation he knew they should have.

“If you don’t tell me what’s the hell is going on. I’m going to ask Marisol to show me every possible way there is to skin your balls and make you watch,” she said, an unholy and completely serious gleam lighting her eyes.

He was about to respond to her saccharine laced threat, when he caught a whiff on incense in the air. He stiffened as he turned his head slightly to narrow down the scent. The faint smell of sulfur was the only warning he got before the semi-permanent form of a wraith materialized next to him.

He was barely able to get out a warning shout before the wraith solidified and sent a blast of air hurling towards Jasmine.

Dante drew Jasmine into his chest, whirling them both around until he slammed her into the foyer wall.

He cursed loudly as he felt the heat and force of the power blast graze across his back as it flew by them. In the few moments that it took Dante to press Jasmine against the wall his mind and all of his senses raced to assess the situation.

The smell of sulfur was strong now, signaling that the wraith had used a good amount of its energy to produce the powerful blast. It would take several seconds for it to recharge. He waited until he heard the blast crash against the far wall before lifting his body away from Jasmine’s. As he was about to turn towards the threat of the wraith he felt Jasmine’s arms slide into his suit jacket and wrap around his back pulling him close. Just as he murmured quick words of assurance, for her not to worry, he felt her hands slide his two throwing knives from their sheath at the base of his back. He quirked an eyebrow at her and she quirked one of her own right back.

“You’re the immortal one here remember,” she said, “A girl has to know when to even her odds.”

Dante just shook his head at her brazenness and thought it was no wonder the fates had decided to make her his mate.

They both turned and faced the threat of the wraith together. Elijah was right, thought Dante, it really was going to be one hell of a ride.

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