Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two Winter Releases for Holiday Reading #Kindle #Romance #Ebook

Hello All and Happy Holidays!

My two winter releases Wynter's Fall and Midnight Mistletoe are officially released and available for purchase. I had more than a few nail biting moments on Friday and Saturday as I waited for the books to post to Amazon. It took FOREVER (not really) 

In celebration I will be in search of a bottle of wine and a few hundred hours of sleep :).

Each book is the first in two new series I've started, Wynter Tales and The Golden Pack Alphas.

For those of you in the mood for a little fantasy I present....


An unsuspecting mortal, A Keeper of Dreams, And a group of Gods intent on reclaiming powers they no longer deserve...

Melania Wynter has a big problem, the man of her actual dreams is becoming all too real. Determined to gain back some control over her life, she hopes that a a little vacation will be enough for her psyche to stop comparing her real life to the vivid dreams she's had since childhood. But one patch of ice, a solid pine tree and a nasty bump on the head derail her plans.

Daiomone, Keeper of Dreams has always been drawn to Melania. He's bided his time, waiting for her to cross-over to his realm, but manipulative God's have interfered in unexpected ways. With a helping hand from fate, he must go to Melania and keep her safe.

Together they must navigate the wilderness and survive both the cold and trouble-making Gods.

And for those of you in the mood for a naughty paranormal I've got you covered...


WARNING: This short novelette/short story of 8,000 words is the first book in this serial and contains snarky dialogue, extremely inappropriate uses of mistletoe, alpha HEROINES and the weres smart enough to chase them. 

All were-hybrid, Georgia Walker wants for Christmas is to spend some time away from her pack and in particular, away from one increasingly dangerous enforcer turned Beta. She has every intention of spending her days basking in the warm Caribbean sun and indulging in an island fling, or two. Anything to forget the way a certain were made her pulse race and skin tingle.

Marcus Legrand has only one goal this holiday season, bring Georgia home and finally claim her for his own. Convincing the strong willed ice princess will take all of his skill and patience, but Marcus is no stranger to hunting prey. He has every intention of putting both his rank and heart on the line.

Talk to You Soon,

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