Sunday, December 22, 2013

All I Want for #Christmas are These Pimp #Gifts

Good Evening Lovelies,

Where the heck did this year go? When I say so much has happened, I mean SO MUCH has happened in my life this year! As of this weekend I officially have FOUR works published with four more to come within the next three months.

This year has been EXHAUSTING, but oh so worth it. I've had the opportunity to put more time into my writing and have an actual, dare I say...plan and production schedule for 2014. Two years ago I would have never thought to be where I am now.

One thing I knew from the beginning of this journey was that it would be hard. Balancing a full time job, family, friends, writing AND all of the other bumps life likes to throw in your path is has been enlightening. I've gained some friends and lost some friends. I've had moments when I couldn't remember the last time I ate or slept. And there have been times when I thought to myself, "Is this really worth it?" And the answer has always been the same, "Hell Yes!" This is my dream. All of the sleepless nights and moments of self-doubt are worth it.

I have a lot of goals for 2014. But one thing I've learned in the last two years is to understand that goals are targets not wishes. You work your ass off to get to them, not hope they just happen.

All that being said I do have a few wishes this holiday season that will definitely fit in my stockings and require very little effort, or plotting, or outlining, or typing...

WISH #1: Something Unique
ArtOfWhere, Laura Nations

I'm a geek at heart and I love gadgets. Unfortunately, in the tech wold we all live in now, I hate that my electronics have no uniqueness to them. Most phone cases and laptops skins are pretty generic and that's really annoying to someone like me who likes to make a statement. I came across this website, ArtOfWhere, when a photographer friend of mine mentioned they often load their pictures to this shop and those images can be used for almost anything, including cell phone cases. SOLD! The designs range from sophisticated to whimsical. You can get anything from custom cases to pillows and leggings. The Elephant cell phone case above happens to be one of my favorites.

WISH #2: Something Fierce
I'm a firm believer in statement pieces and just plain FIERCE. So when I came across this Etsy shop I was in heaven. The shop is called BellaJewelry4U. The name is totally appropriate. I want everything in it. EVERYTHING. Just look at that necklace! I would wear that with jeans, and evening gown, potato sack or naked. 

WISH #3: Something Hot
Bakers Shoes, Trudie Boot

Okay so I'm a shoe whore. I know this and I own it. DON'T. JUDGE. I live in South Florida and the average temperature in winter in 72 degrees. Even if ot were 95 degrees I would find an excuse to wear these hotties. If I have my way and these fierce boots from Bakers end up in my closet this year I'll join the ranks of people going "selfie" happy. My instagram and twitter feed will be filled with nothing but pics of me in these bad boys :)

And that's it! My completely materialistic wish list for this holiday season. What's on your wish list? And what's on your list of goals for 2014?

Talk to you soon,

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