Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Winter Book Releases

Good Evening Lovelies,

I love this time of year! There are back to back holidays that just get me in a happy as can be mood. Starting with Halloween I'm usually sporting an annoying grin till New Years. The addition of pumpkin pancakes to the mix a few years ago only added to my overall happiness. However this year there are a few extra bits of awesome that have catapulted my holiday mood to squee-tastic proportions. This afternoon I finalized my book launch schedule for the end of the year!

Although I had originally hoped to have both Acquisition Skills and Cupcakes at Midnight launched in November and January respectively, plans have changed slightly. Those two books have been pushed back to early 2014, and I'll announce the release dates as soon as they're confirmed. However, I'm super happy to announce that starting in December, I will be releasing the first of four (yes FOUR) new books! SQUEEEEEE!

My winter line up is as follows:

Wynter's Fall
December 22nd 2013

Executive Control
December 30th 2013

Wynter's Grace
January 20th 2014

Wynter's End
February 24th 2014

Wynters's Fall, Wynter's Grace and Wynter's Fall are part of my Wynter's Tales trilogy. Each one is a small twist on a some of my favorite fairy tales and rhymes. I'm really excited about this series. Aside from the stories told in each book, I've included a little surprise in each one that has me bouncing off the walls in anticipation. I hope you all like them.

Executive Control, is a sexy contemporary that I promise you, will scorch your e-readers :). There's just something about sassy women and the men who love to chase them that always makes me smile. Executive Control is not a part of my Boardroom Acts series, but if you loved Negotiating Skills and Persuasion Skills, you'll definitely enjoy this read. 

I'll be posting blurbs for each of these releases soon. However, since I have to share at least one thing, here's a sneak peak at the cover for Executive Control.

Talk to you soon,

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