Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Romance Reviews Top Pick!

It looks like May is just a good month for me. In addition to getting my next book, Persuasion Skills, contracted by Evernight I had the happy fortune to receive a 5 star review for Negotiating Skills from The Romance Reviews and be labeled as a Top Pick! Color me stoked! I can't believe that only ten months ago I was still hyperventilating about the release for Negotiating Skills, and here I am only a few months away from the release of my second book, and I'm finishing up work on my third. What a crazy year!

Next on my to-do list is to finally get my home office up and officially running. The DH  and I moved into a new house this year and it's taken me much longer than I anticipated to get around to my office. In the past I've been able to write pretty much any where, but ever since I've become more strict about my writing schedule, a dedicated space is MUCH needed.

I'll post a few quick pics of my new space, soon. I've decided to decorate it in what I affectionately call a throw-up of color :).

Anyhoo, thanks for dropping in and reading my gushing rambling!

Talk to you soon,

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