Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Smex Author's Office

Hello Lovelies,

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm still in the process of setting up my home office in my new home. The color palette I've chosen is a combination of turquoise and pink. Yes I know...but hear me out...I LOVE IT!!! I'm affectionately calling it a throw up of color, because I'm also going to be adding in some orange accents. Why? Because I LOVE IT!!! :)

I ordered some table legs from Home Depot and purchased some paint, a 2 x 4 foot mdf board and some 2 X 1 inch poplar and with a drill, some paint, and a grumbling hubby have a ridiculous hot desk:

To round out the color explosion I decided that I just HAD to paint some of my book cases. I figured if the whole experiment failed I could get new ones. I've had these for years and they aren't exactly the best quality. I'm prettty sure they were less than $40 bucks each at Walmart. Plus now that I have a wood saw, drill and some DIY swagger I may be able to build some new ones (possibly). Either way it was off back to the store for some more paint:

So yes, I still have to put the actual shelves back up, but doesn't this just look pretty? There are three of these tall bad boys just waiting for some love. I have three white smaller bookcase that will remain white, just to give the color explosion a break :). I even spray painted my dry erase board (you can totally see who's coming up in the guest blog post line-up):

Once the shelves are all good and dry I'll finally unpack all of by books and feel somewhat settled. I'll post the final picks once I'm done.  

As much fun as I've had getting my office ready, I can't wait for it to be done! I want to get back to hours of solitude and muse wrangling.

Oh and FYI...
The turquoise: Bali Bliss by Behr paint and primer in one (eggshell)
The pink: Pink Salmon by Glidden paint and primer in one (eggshell)

Talk to you soon,

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