Monday, February 25, 2013

An Apology For a Major Noob Mistake

Hello All, 

Brace yourselves lovelies, it's major apology time featuring yours truly as the not so virgin sacrifice. As many of you all ready know I did something not really well thought out this weekend and of course it bit me on the butt! You can read about the reasoning for my insanity here. Simply put, I pulled Negotiating Skills from all online publishers and enrolled it in Amazon KDP select and immediately listed it as a free read for three days...Yes I did that with no planing...yes I know that was crazy and a very typical NOOB mistake. However, sadly that is not where the apology needs to be given.

Downloads of the book were doing relatively well (over 10,000 downloads in 3 days) when late Sunday morning an AWESOME reader was nice enough to message me that there seemed to be some formatting issues with the book. !!!!! Yeah I KNOW!!!!!! First a big thanks and shout out to Terra Nuit for letting me know about the problem. I immediately corrected the issue and resubmitted a corrected version of the book to amazon. Sadly Amazon takes 12-49 hours to list a new version, so the corrected copy of the book but it didn't hit the market until late Sunday afternoon after over 6000 readers had already downloaded the book. And THAT lovelies is where the apology comes in. 

To all of you fabulous readers who were willing to give my book a chance this weekend, I offer you a huge thanks and the sincerest of apologies. I always say that I'm a reader first and writer second. I understand what's it's like to have an afternoon or a few stolen moments of read time disrupted by formatting and editing mistakes. Regardless of whether a book is purchased or downloaded for free, as a reader you are investing your time into that author's story and that has value. No writer would ever disagree with that.

I've contacted amazon regarding the errors and they stated that they will notify readers who purchased/downloaded the book and these readers will be able to sync/update to the newest version. So hopefully this issue will be cleared up soon. 

Again, I apologize for the error...I'll be in the corner tied to a rock now *sigh*. 

Talk to you soon, 


  1. What an excellent and professional way to handle a mishap!
    Deena of E-BookBuilders

    1. Thanks for the support Deena. A mistake is a mistake and I believing in fessing up :) Okay back to my rock now...

  2. I agree - very professional and transparent of you to hold your hands up and say 'sorry'. Learn from mistakes and move on xx wishing you a better, smoother experience on your next self-pub venture xx

  3. Been there - done that - join the club :-)

  4. Bummer, but this stuff happens. High five for your apology and a big hug.

  5. Thank you Ladies! Your words are much appreciated :)