Monday, April 9, 2012

What Is Sexy?

I recently came up with a storyline for a new erotic short story. The bulk of all the scenes take place in an office setting. I've always thought that there was something very naughty and forbiden about having a sexual encounter where you work, but when I mentioned the story idea to a friend she stated how un-exciting the workplace seemed to her. At first I thought she meant that the office was just too recycled and too cliche. However when I asked for clarification, she stated that the office just didn't seem like a sexy place. Since I thought the opposite it got me thinking about what we all consider sexy.

I'm a firm believer that sexy (in romance novels specifically) is all about the characters involved, the emotional tension and the actual action in the scene. For me the setting very rarely detracts from the overall sexy factor if all the proper elements are in place.

What do you consider sexy? Is setting a deal breaker for you too? Or is it all about tension and anticipation?

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