Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book in a Month: Week 1 Check-In

Renjith Krishnan
 I know it's a few days overdo, but I wanted to post a quick recap of my first week using the Book-In-A-Month (BIAM) method. Despite owning this book for almost a year already, I didn't try to implement the method until last week. I was off from work for a full week and decided it would be the best time to start BIAM. I started the process off a little shaky, but eventually got into the groove of things by day three. 

I posted earlier that I was worried that the method would stifle my creativity, but I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn that the BIAM did the exact opposite. Although, I griped during every moment of "outlining,” the method helped me achieve some of my best writing days to date! The method encourages you to state your goals early on and helps you every step of the way to reach those goals. My goal for week one was to complete 7,500 words and at least 30 pages, and by Sunday night, I completed 13,250 words/53 pages! So far, I'm feeling ecstatic!

The method is structured so that you work in a three-act story frame. You work on Act I during week one, Act II during weeks two through three, and complete Act III during your fourth and final week. I'll admit that I wasn't completely finished with my Act I Sunday night, but I was able to finish it up yesterday and begin my second Act last night. 

Weekly Goal
Weekly Achievements
Act I
12,500 words/50 pages
13,250 words/ 53 pages
Act II
12,500 words/50 pages
 In Progress
Act II
12,500 words/50 pages

12,500 words/50 pages

50,000 words/200 pages

                I’ll be checking in later this week with a mini progress report regarding my week two. Unfortunately, I’m back at work this week so every moment counts when I get home. Wish me luck!

Write to you soon,

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