Monday, January 27, 2014

Just a Quick Hello and a New Year Check In.

Hello All, 

It's been a while since I've written a post, so I decided to stop a write a quick hello and update. I feel like I'm always writing that I'm busy I (which is true, I am), but ever since I left my day job and began writing full time in December, that is even more true. Things have gotten a lot busier for me but in all the best ways. Now that I can dedicate a solid eight hours a day to writing, I feel on cloud nine. In the last two months the following has happened:

1.) Released Wynter's Fall, Book one in my Wynter Tales trilogy
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2.) Released Midnight Mistletoe and Midnight Dare, Book one and two of my Golden Alphas Trilogy
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3.) Started a collaboration for a new shifter book with another author who will be revealed soon. I'm super excited about this because I greatly admire this author and have read almost all of her books, so this is a big OMG for me.

4.) Found the most amazing cover designer, Taria Reed. I'll be using her exclusively for my contemporary and paranormal covers moving forward. I'll also continue to use Salo Vargas for all of my fantasy illustrations because he's just the shiznit.

5.) Both Midnight Mistletoe and Midnight Dare achieved Best Seller Status via Amazon and All Romance (Happy Dance)!

6.) I FINALLY got my office organized and in exactly the shape I want it in. After having to sit in it every day for HOURS. I had no choice but to finish decorating the room. It was either that or go crazy. It's in shades of pink and turquoise and I LOVE it! The room is a little reminiscent of She-Devil, but whatever! In honor of its completion I'll be throwing a contest. 

7.) I have at least one release planned for every month for the rest of the year...Yeah that is ambitious, but hey this is my job full time now, and I'm having fun finally working on all of the projects I've had to put on the back burner in 2013 because of time constraints...

8.) And yes that means that How To Kill Your Immortal will FINALLY be released this year!

9.) Okay random...I started doing 100 squats a day and my ass looks great!

10.) I discovered this website, and it made my baking experiments so much more interesting. 

Okay that just about covers most of my happenings for the past few months. How is the new year treating you all? Any resolutions, any goals? Let me know :)

Talk to you soon,

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