Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Song Inspiration...

Good Evening Lovelies,

A few days ago I was just sifting through my mp3 stash, looking to create a new playlist for my latest book and found myself adding songs at random. My normal m.o. is to add songs with a moderate to fast tempo. These quick tempo/beat songs are great for writing (at least for me). So anyhoo, there I was bopping my head away to some Nicki Minaj, when...a somewhat oldie but a goody began to play.

A few years back I was all about Ne-Yo's Miss Independent. I rocked out to that song like it was my personal anthem, and in a lot of ways it was. Despite my relationship and marital status I've always believed in being self sufficient. My parents raised me to be independent and confident in my own skills and abilities. Can I accept help? Yes. Do I always need it? No. Can I change my own tires, use my own power tools and pay my own bills? Yes. Does that make me appreciate my husband less? Hell No. He's got a work shop, and technical know how that I find just down right sexy. That man describing the finer points of C# is a sexy thing to behold.

However I digress...So I found my self constantly replaying this one song, and the next thing I know, my heroine has warped from the role as hired lawyer to my hero hero's employer. Love it. It resulted in a few chapter re-writes, but damn I have to say it reads really well. I was struggling with the attraction level of my H/h and adding strong independence and confidence traits has put these two characters in interesting opposition to each other.

[By the way...No woman would wear any of the outfits in this video to work, with the exception of Gabrielle Union's outfit which was super hot, but relatively tame. And OMG all the drooooool worthy shoes! I loved EVERY pair :) Those I would wear anywhere. To work, the grocery store, the bowling alley, mowing my lawn, walking the dog, fighting crime, whatever!]

Yes I know its not revolutionary to make the female character the boss, however, when creating characters fleshing out their backgrounds and personality traits is incredibly important when it comes to establishing the connections and attractions between characters. While listening to Miss Independent I realized that the personality and traits I've established with my hero, would never really fall for anyone who couldn't challenge him on the same or greater level of power that he possess. Hence my new Miss Independent heroine.

I'm excited to see where these two go with each other and how they'll find they're way to love. How do you feel about the gutsy, independent heroine? Have you ever beem surprised by how your H/h find their way to attraction and love? Let me know your thoughts.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Hi Ms. Laurel,

    I like the gusty independent herione type. I like a woman who can take care of herself as well a her man. No, I am never suprised by how the H/h find their way to attraction and love. I always believe that either the chemistry is there or it is not. If it is, it will be there in the beginning and love will always win. I truely like that video. I also saw it on another author's blog, so apparently alot of authors like it too. I hope that you have a great weekend.

  2. So true Stephanie! I love a woman with guts who isnt afraid to pull up her grown up panties and get to business. My weekend was FABULOUS by the way, I hope yours was as well. I finished painting my office and will be posting pictures of it soon in all of it's pink glory :)