Friday, July 5, 2013

Persuasion Skills Release Day! #hotread

Hello All, 

Today is the official release day for PERSUASION SKILLS! I'm so excited, I've been bouncing of the wall since the weeeee (seriously, weeeee) hours of the morning!

If you purchase the book via Evernight, for a limited time there will be a 25% discount. 

I hope you guys enjoy the read! Don't forget that reviews are always welcome and much appreciated (yes, all ratings). 

I'll be announcing the specifics of my blog tour and Release party this weekend so stay tuned! 

Talk to you soon, Laurel


  1. Hi Laurel, in reading your blurb I see that there's a touch of BDSM there. When writing that into a storyline how do you add and/or keep the romance with the erotica, it seem that you may have achieved that balance.

    sweetpea122 at rocketmail dot com

  2. Hi Sweatpea nd thanks for commenting! I try to achieve balance by remembering that people who enjoy BDSM are just like everyone else, they just enjoy a little (or a lot more) spice in the bedroom. I'm also not a big fan of "instalove". If I don't feel my characters have established enough of a connection, then I don't finish the story with a happily ever after (HEA), because I just don't think that's a believable scenario. In those cases I end the story with a happy for now(HFN). However, for those stories where my goal is an HEA, I make sure to establish not only a physical and emotional connection between my characters, but also a history so that an HEA is both a believable and satisfying ending for readers. Either way, I think BDSM can be written without forsaking emotion and heart for heat.