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Casual Smex Friday with January Valentine

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Welcome back to Casual Smex Friday! It's been a long while since I've indulged you lovelies with a little Casual Smex, but rest assured I plan on correcting that today. For those of you unfamiliar with the Casual Smex Friday posts, here's a quick breakdown. On Casual Smex Friday you’re encouraged to sit back, relax and get smexy. Remember that Smex day posts consist of the following four segments:

1.) The Quickie- For those of you who only have time for some quick relief.

2.) The Afternoon Delight- For the reader who wants a little foreplay before smexing.

3.) The Midnight Grind-For those of you who want to go beyond foreplay and get to main show.

4.) The After Glow Strut- For those of you not afraid to show your love and go for another round.

Today I’m bringing you an interview with the naughtily talented Victoria aka January Valentine. So close the drapes, assume the position (reading position of course) and let’s get the smexing started!

The Quickie…

Name: Victoria Valentine AKA January Valentine

Stats: I'm a New York writer and indie book publisher. I write multi genre novels. Recent releases: Love Dreams, Sweet Dreams in the Mind of a Serial Killer. I also host a blogtalkradio show: Away With Words, every Wednesday evening at 7 PM EST where my co host Jill and I interview other writers and poets and discuss writing in general: Away With Words (Blog Talk Radio)

Latest Release: Head Over Wheels

Genre: New Adult Romance (steamy)

Head Over Wheels: Turning 21 hasn't proven very fruitful for Jewelia Delarosa. Still, one lost boyfriend & two failed classes haven't gotten her down. She's got her sights set on a career with the NYPD, and is on course ... until she meets an irresistible and unpredictable Med Student who contradicts everything she thought she knew about Life, Love, Commitment … and Sex.

Whether on the front seat of his Wrangler or his kitchen counter, her reserve is low, desire higher than the roof of the isolated A-frame in Maine where the two enjoy a weekend with friends, and take romance to the next level.

Who'll be there to catch her when she's falling Head Over Wheels?

Availability: Amazon

Smex Quotient: Umm...So yeah this book is not your mamma's Sweet Valley High. Jewel and Indigo have scorching chemistry that reaches out and straight up caresses you with heat and will definitely leave you panting for more. Seat belts are for sissies and helments are for wimps, you'll want to straddle your co-pilot for this ride lovelies, keep yor eyes wide, hair loose and enjoy the throbbing of that engine...

The Afternoon Delight…

I love that New Adult books have gained so much traction! What drew you to the genre for romance?

With New Adult, a writer can bridge the sexual gap between Young Adult and Contemporary Romance. Because you’re writing for an age group ranging from eighteen and up, this genre offers endless opportunities to tap into the trials and tribulations, drive and accomplishments, as well as the sensual temptations of individuals on the brink of adulthood. There is a natural empathy for the young facing adult situations, and so many ways for them to express themselves colorfully and dramatically. The excitement of youth is something most of us struggle to hold onto, and enjoy revisiting in books and film.

There's something to be said about instant attraction and steamy tension. What was your inspiration for Jewel and Indigo?

My stories are usually about complex and determined heroes and heroines. I love a roller coaster romance, sexy and powerful characters who know what they want and go to any length to achieve their goals. I want my readers to feel love, excitement, surprise, and sexual gratification. This was my objective when writing Head Over Wheels. Jewelia and Indigo are a perfect example of how opposites attract. She’s strong-willed, free-spirited, and eager to discover life, while he is moody and focused to a fault. He’s been burdened with problems and obligations since he was a child. The two come from entirely different backgrounds, and have much to overcome by learning trust and understanding. My intention was to write a story that was involved, yet lighthearted, thus, Head Over Wheels. Actually, the title popped into my head before the plot, and I knew right then and there it would be a refreshing story about an innocent but very steamy love affair with a tremendous amount of emotional and physical tension.

Aside from sounding like they belong together, Jewel and Indigo are so OMG hot together! If they were to participate in Casual Smex Friday which segment would they prefer; The Quickie, The Afternoon Delight, or the Midnight Grind?

Jewel and Indigo are definitely doing the Midnight Grind throughout the entire book. From day one that sexual tension is just waiting to surface. It's a very sexy book, and as the plot unfolds the electricity between the two increases until it explodes in Maine.

Okay now from a professional stand point I just have to gush! I love how you set up the chapters for this book! The chapter headings are just as engaging as the chapters themselves. I especially love the inclusion of images. What made you decided go with this format?

Each chapter contains a story in itself. I used highlights of each to create what I hoped were enticing tag lines. A table of contents containing descriptive chapter tags gives readers a taste of what's in store for them beyond the preview. As for the images, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm very descriptive in my writing, and although every reader forms his or her own impression, I wanted to physically share my vision. I guess you could equate Jewel and Indigo's illustrations to flashing a photo of your kids :-)

The Midnight Grind…

So I'm officially sold on the New Adult genre. Oh the lust and...stamina of it all. Totally understanding the sweat currently beading your foreheads, and acknowledging those cute little panting noises you've been making January was nice enough to leave us an excerpt...

As I swung my head, he caught my eye. Dear Lord. Was it him? I did an about-face, plunked the empty glasses on the half wall behind me, fluffed my hair, blotted my lips and pulled a one-eighty.

Holy Shit. How long had he been standing there with his arms spread in welcome? Did he expect me to run into them and hug him? Hell yeah! But all I could do was stare.

Dropping his arms, he stood his ground, an adorable interrogating grin sliding across his face.

Just go with the flow, girl, I told myself as I zigzagged, pivoted, and in seconds, waltzed up to him, attempting to appear stunned to see him while remaining casual.

"Indigo." My presence didn't seem to surprise him, but what I said next sure as hell surprised me. "You didn't call." When my ears heard my childlike voice, my stomach fell.

The curl of his lips grew tighter. "You said you like spontaneity ... so here I am, unannounced."

"Nice try." My hands went to my hips.

His face dropped its earlier expression, but his eyes brimmed with atonement. He reached for my hands, gently tugged me toward him, and the next thing I knew we were standing soft breaths away. With an intentional stare, he drew me closer, like I was a long lost love. A chill rippled down the portion of my back exposed by my daring dress.

I worried his clear eyes clouded ... Didn't have to will mine to sparkle beneath the lights burning above us. I lost my voice. I mean, I went completely mute, but managed what I hoped was a smile, and not the sick look of stiff lips.

"Hey, you ..." his voice was smooth. "I've been around this club half a dozen times looking for you." His eyes were so intense, I almost froze. His fingers pressed mine with a firm grip, guiding my hands up and onto his shoulders, slowly dancing me backward, all the while staring into my eyes. Still pinning my hands in place, he brought his lips to my ear. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "I really wanted to call, but I wasn't sure when I'd be free ... and I'd never want to break a date with you, Jewel."

A date? My heart broke loose, pounding like the hooves of a stampeding horse. I prayed he couldn't feel the earthquake inside my chest as his arms slid around my waist. Being a doctor, he'd spot a panic attack in a second. I'd be mortified. My legs grew weak. Hold it together, girlfriend. He's just a guy. He's human. Oh my God, no he's not. He's ... he's ...

His breath was warm on my cheek and light, lighter than I felt in his arms as we swayed to the sensual pulse throbbing from overhead speakers. The mind-cleansing scent of cool fresh cologne and peppermint gum rushed my senses. I heard no sound. Saw no other faces. Only Indigo's. And right then he was magically mine, about to become the victim of every electric spark coursing through me.

My fingers tightened, found their way to the back of his neck and up into his hair. Was I really doing this? The way he was holding me, it was like he'd missed me, had longed for me. His lips moved to my neck, softly caressing. My body molded to his in just the right places, my arms urging him closer. Was this a dream?

"It's okay." I heard my hoarse whisper. "I know you're busy. I understand."

"You smell so good. So sweet. Strawberries?" His lips inched up my neck, pausing at the hollow behind my ear where they played, stirring emotions I never knew I had. His hands ran the length of my back, fingers tightening and loosening, as if struggling with intent.

"Mmm. Strawberries." My arms, which had been loosely crossed, locked possessively around his neck. He was warm, gentle, firm, soft; he was every beautiful word I could think of.

"Can I take a bite?" His rich voice teased, so did his hands as they traveled, exploring every inch of my back, then dropped dangerously low. I wondered if he could feel the goose bump skin beneath the delicate fabric that clung to me like a second skin. The slim band of my sheer panties. The panties I prayed would hold up during what I hoped to be the longest night of my life.

"Be my guest." I breathed into his ear.

"You feel so good." His hands on my backside pulled me closer.

Head Over Wheels, Available Now Via Amazon

The Afterglow Strut…

You know you want more, don't be too shy to ask. If you enjoyed your Friday ride with Ms. Valentine, you can find her causing naughty mayhem around the web and blog talk radio. Check out her website for more info on all of her books and upcoming releases.


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