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Casual Smex Friday with Fiona McGier

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Are you ready for some smex? Admit it, you're in the mood to get smexy and I have just the thing for you. Welcome to Casual Smex Friday! Today you’re encouraged to sit back, relax and get smexy. Remember, smex day posts consist of four segments.

1.) The Quickie- For those of you who only have time for some quick relief.
2.) The Afternoon Delight- For the reader who wants a little foreplay before smexing.
3.) The Midnight Grind-For those of you who want to go beyond foreplay and get to main show.
4.) The After Glow Strut- For those of you not afraid to show your love and go for another round.

Today I’m bringing you an interview with the apocalypticly smexy inclined Fiona McGier. Let’s get started shall we?

The Quickie…
Name: Fiona McGier
Fiona has always had stories in her head.  Characters intrude into her thoughts and insist on showing her scenes from their lives.  She discovered that when she ignores them, they start to yell louder; if she writes their stories and they can live in readers' heads as well, they usually leave her alone.  Only to be replaced by a new group of story-tellers.  Her head is usually a very crowded place, but she likes it that way.
Latest Release: 
Prophecy of the Undead
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Prophecy of the Undead, Blurb: 
Keisha is a neurobiology researcher determined to discover the secret to intelligence to save humanity from itself.  What she learns leads her to realize a bigger threat comes from beyond the stars.  Yuri is a Russian vampire whose long-dead feelings respond to the scientist whose brain he admires but whose curves he can't resist.  Will his love reach the places in her heart that she has ignored for so long?  And can they defeat the prophecy of the undead to find happiness sharing eternity?
Eternal Press
Smex Quotient: 
Holy Mayan apocalypse Batman! I've yet to get my hands on a copy of this book, but Fiona was nice enough to share several excerpts with me and let me just say...Whooooo Wheee! Just brace yourselves lovelies, for a scorching read.

The Afternoon Delight… 
Mayans, vampires, apocalypses, Oh my! What made you decide to decide to write an apocalyptic romance?
Fiona: Dreams.  Two of them.  In the first one I met Keisha, who wanted to make everyone as smart as her, which obviously would not make her popular with those who want the masses to be ignorant and controllable.  In the second dream I met Yuri, the handsome Russian vampire who has a scientist's heart, despite his peasant upbringing.  And I wanted to "play" with the idea of the Dec. 21, 2012 date that some fear, yet most of us think is going to be as unspectacular as the advent of the year 2000.

I love a smart and quirky heroine. What made you decide to make Keisha a neurobiologist?
Fiona: I love intelligent and resourceful heroines.  I've written alpha females also, but this particular woman has always ignored her passions to pursue her scientific goals, to improve the lives of everyone around her.  I've been reading a lot of Anthropology and Sociology books, and thinking of how much more the human race could achieve if we all turned off the TV and read and talked to each other more.  And enough of beating up nerds for liking to learn!  

The chemistry between Yuri and Keisha is more than a little hot (more like volcanic really), If they participated in Casual Smex Friday which segment would they each like the most and why? The Quickie, Afternoon Delight or Midnight Grind?
Fiona: They do like quickies.  They have a few in the course of this book.  Afternoon Delight would be impossible at this point, because even though Yuri is old enough in the blood to be awake for part of the daylight hours, Keisha is too young and basically goes "dead" when the sun comes up.  Midnight Grind would be their favorite, because everything fun is even better when you can take your time!

What was your favorite scene or set of scenes to write?
Fiona: I really liked the sharing of minds that Keisha does with the two older vampires...the mated gay couple.  I loved the idea that when you are sharing blood, you are in someone else's memories.  I loved the idea of sharing yourself on this level, and of being privvy to someone else's life experiences like that.  I love my close friends and family members, but I can't ever "be" in their heads.  This was my opportunity to imagine what that would be like: the ultimate cerebral intimacy.  Good sex doesn't all just occur with physical bodies...your mind has to be involved as well.

Yuri is by far one of the sexiest vampires I've had the pleasure of reading about. What was your inspiration for his character?
Fiona: At the risk of embarrassing him, I'd have to say my husband.  I've always been partial to tall men, and when I met him he was tall, blond and had very light skin because it was in December.  He used to want to be Illya Kuriaken (David McCallum) in the old TV show, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. because along with his Russian accent, Illya was smart and clever enough to solve problems while still looking hot in a black turtleneck and black pants.  That's my Yuri: Tall, blond, light-skinned, hard-bodied, intelligent, and attracted to smart, curvy women.  If not every woman's dream, at least he's mine!

The Midnight Grind…
So when the end of the world is near what's a neurobiologist to do? Get to smexing of course!  Here's a smexy excerpt for your reading pleasure...   

“Don’t we have a plane to catch?” Her voice was a husky murmur.
Yuri bent his head further down to slide his tongue along the side of her neck. He poked the tip of it into her ear, gently biting her lobe and blowing softly into her hair. When he spoke it was directly into her ear.
“We have some time before we need to be at the airport.”
“Enough time?” She felt brazen as the words left her lips.
He chuckled, a sexy low sound, as his chest moved up and down again. She remembered this from the dream he fed into her mind when he brought her into this reality.
“Perhaps not for all of the things I imagine doing with you. Enough to take the edge off my need...and yours too.”
His fingers traced the cleft between her glutes and continued until they reached the source of the moisture her body produced. One finger moved forward again to reach the tiny bud under the hood of skin—rubbing...swirling...rubbing.
With a small scream Keisha came, trembling with the intensity of her feelings.
“You see—becoming what we are makes our skin so much more sensitive. I haven’t desired anyone for many years. Now all I can think about is how much I want to act out that dream I gave you.”
“Which part?” She gasped.
“This one.” He pushed himself forward to part her nether lips with his cock. He held her suspended in the air so she wrapped her legs around his hips and pushed back against him. The feeling of being opened by him was overwhelming. Every hair on his groin rubbed against her skin. The delicious feeling of being parted and filled was followed by his withdrawing. All the while, her inner muscles squeezed against him, trying to hold him inside of her. Then he surged forward again.
Gravity forced Keisha downwards. She rode the rod as it entered her then pulled out and entered her again. The full weight of her body pushed her clit against his pole—its hood pulled back to allow her to feel everything. Even without needing to, she panted and shrieked out her passion. She rode him hard—aiming for more and more of the small orgasms rocking her world, blinding her with the flashes of light that played against her closed eyelids.
Suddenly, she ceased all movement as she concentrated on the feeling thatsomething big was happening...something huge was about to happen. Then she exploded.
The intensity of her orgasm slammed into her like a freight train. She screamed as much in surprise as in extreme pleasure. Every cell in her body pulsated with the blood pounding at the confined space of her body as if it wanted to explode outward. Then the pleasure peaked again and again and again.

Prophecy of the Undead, Available Now Via  Eternal Press

The After Glow Strut…

So where can readers find you on the net?
My blog is the first page of my website:   I also have a Facebook page and a Goodreads page, along with an Amazon page...I think I have a few other author pages too, but I don't have the time to keep them all updated when what I really want to do is write more stories.  I concentrate on my blog, FB and GR.  I also do a post on the 16th of the month at:

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