Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Kill Your Immortal: Update

Good Morning All, 

I just wanted to give you all a quick update regarding the progress of How To Kill Your Immortal. This book has been a long time in the making. As many of you know I released the first five chapters as a sneak peak early this year through Amazon, BnB and Smashwords. At the time of that release the book was (I thought) complete. However, after some reader feedback and passing it through a few critique groups I made the decision to revise the book and rework some pivotal scenes.

I was also approached by a publisher (who shall remain nameless- I don't burn bridges) interested in the book, but their suggestions to change certain things about HTKYI did not sit well with me. So after that initial excitement wore down I sat back down at my computer and began the difficult task of revisions. 

Since that first re-work I've done several of my own self editing runs on the book and have been sitting on HTKYI reluctant to send it out to my editor for a professional walk through. 

Despite working on this book for almost a year now I've felt a sick attachment to it as well as a reluctance to put it back out into the cyber world despite all of the great feedback I've gotten from readers.

Fortunately, my husband recently knocked some sense into me (figuratively not literally) and made me realize that I've been having the writer's equivalent to performance anxiety. 

So with all of that being said I'm happy to announce that I'll be sending HTKYI out to an editor next week and will begin working on setting up a book tour and release date as soon as the final edits and formatting go in.

I'll keep you all up to date, and will be posting the release and tour date before the new year. I'll also run a contest as a token of my appreciation for all of your feedback and critiques and for all of the readers who have been so supportive of this book over the past year .

Talk To You Soon,


  1. I love the cover and the ideas! I'll look for this book when it's out!

    1. Thanks! I'll be posting updates regarding the release date soon. This H/H were crazy fun to put together :) The cover art was done by Ravven (www.ravven.com). She totally rocks!