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Casual Smex Friday with DeLeetra J. Staley

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Welcome to Casual Smex Friday! Today as always, you’re encouraged to sit back, relax and get smexy. Smex day posts consist of four segments.

1.) The Quickie- For those of you who only have time for some quick relief. 
2.) The Afternoon Delight- For the reader who wants a little foreplay before smexing.
3.) The Midnight Grind-For those of you who want to go beyond foreplay and get to main show.
4.) The After Glow Strut- For those of you not afraid to show your love and go for another round.

Today I’m bringing you an interview with the ever lovely and naughtily funny DeLeetra J. Staley. Let’s get started shall we?

The Quickie…
Name: DeLeetra J. Staley
Stats: In the words of DeLeetra herself..."Leo, the Lioness, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, born on August 10, 1980. I am 32 years and proud of it. I live in the South Carolina born and raised. I am a Southern lady, suga bless yo’ heart, I am. There is not much to tell about me. I am down to earth, I love cats, reading is my obsession and writing is my addiction. I am a sensual person and I enjoy pleasure *wink, wink* erotica and humor my two favorite things..."
Latest Release: A Little Mini-Madness
Genre: Romance (Contemporary/Erotica/Chick-lit) 
Cover Art: Triquetra Studios

A Little Mini-Madness Blurb: Meet Quintessa Nevaeh James. A strong, independent, take charge woman with one flaw, she has a habit of thinking out loud. Quint also has an addiction to shoes, that might be reason she has no man, she's never meet a man she loved more than her heels. Quint works for TGP (Thoroughly Groomed Personnel), one of the top temp agency's in New York. She is career oriented and thinks she only needs a man for the basics, which all revolve around the bedroom. Love is for suckers as far as Quint is concerned.

In walks Alejandro Sin'Jin Galliani, a successful businessman, in desperate need of a temporary personal assistant. With his domineering, alpha male personality Quint can tell that Alejandro is a man accustomed to getting what he wants, and he wants Quint. But this time Alejandro may have bitten off more than he can chew, while Quint is wondering if there is more to this arrangement then him needing a top notch PA?
Take everyday humor and the odd things that can happen when two people fall in love, then top it off with three nosey friends, a diva Siamese cat and a witch of a boss and A Little Mini-Madness will have you wondering why everyday isn't a shoe shopping day.

Availability: Amazon 
Smex Quotient: Tattoos, nipple clamps, quirky heroines, alpha males, sexy shoes and meddling Fellatio. Yes you read that right...meddling Fellatio. Brace yourself for steamy scenes and humor that will have you holding your sides and begging for more. 

The Afternoon Delight… 
Tessa has an interesting habit of speaking to herself out loud. What inspired you to give her character that trait?
DeLeetra: Truthfully, I have no idea. She started talking one day and at times she would just go off, on a random tangent. It was as if she was not talking to me, but thinking out loud. Also, I think that it is hilarious when people say what they are thinking. You can see them cringe because it was not supposed to come out of their mouth. That two second brain lapse is the funniest part of my day. I truly wonder what people are thinking and I sometimes make up thoughts for their facial expressions. Is that weird?

Galliani's character is pretty much sex on a stick. A hot, sexy, tattooed, deliciously yummy stick. If he instituted a Casual Smex Friday for his company (with only Tessa of course) which segment do you think would be his favorite? The Quickie, The Afternoon Delight or The Midnight Grind? What about Tessa's favorite? and Why?
DeLeetra: For Galliani…the Midnight Grind. I think Galliani is a midnight kind of guy, you never know what is going to happen when the clock strikes twelve. Now Quint, her favorite would be the Afternoon Delight, just because she would get a kick out of whispering to Sin’Jin “Afternoon Delight”. It would so turn him on to think of what she meant and all the endless possibilities. Although, knowing these two, they would have good intentions only to end up in a Quickie.  

A Little Mini Madness is equal parts funny, romantic and erotic. What made you decide to write a humorous erotic romance? 
DeLeetra: I honestly just mixed two things I love. Sex and humor. I know it sounds crazy, but I like to laugh and I enjoy pleasure. My mind wondered to “what if..” that about sums it up.

Describe Tessa's ultimate fantasy of a fuck me shoe.
DeLeetra: I could never do it justice, but I will try. For Quint a fuck me shoe is that one shoe that makes you feel like the sexiest woman on the plant. Doesn’t matter what you are wearing with the shoes. You could be in a plastic trash bag, but those shoes give you the sense of being in a paradise. You feel exotic. It is a pair of shoes that makes you strut (not walk) you are graceful and every sidewalk is your run way. It is a pair of shoes that when you put them on, your posture changes because you have to walk tall with you head up and your chin to the sky. You get that rush of adrenaline and you are free to take on a Hydra. You are every man’s wet dream and every woman’s dream come true. It is a sense of self awareness. You are aware of your body and the way it moves. I know you wanted me to describe a shoe, but it is not the shoe itself it is how you wear it. Although a good example would be the rose shoe by French Designer Mai Lamore.
Was A Little Mini-Madness the beginning of a series for you and do you have any new and upcoming projects for readers to keep an eye out for?
DeLeetra: Yes, A Little Mini-Madness is the first in the TGP series. There will be a total of five (originally there was only supposed to be four), but characters tend to come out of the wood works when you start writing. I am working on a paranormal romance as well, that is coming along very quickly. I am not sure which will come out next. You will have to stay tuned.

The Midnight Grind…
Lock the door, poor some wine and light those candles, it's about to get smexy up in here...
   Why was he removing his tie and jacket? He was not staying. He moved forward and Quint moved back, right into the bed. She moved fast and almost fell off her pumps trying to get away from that bed. Quint, could move fast when the need arose. That was not the only thing that had arisen. Move girl, move and talk. It doesn’t matter what you say, just say something.

“Who put this here? It doesn’t belong in this room. Excuse me Galliani, I need to call the movers. They made a mistake, this bed is not mine.” I said stall Quint, not make a fool of yourself. Idiot! You want him, just do it. Where did that come from? Just be strong. All Quint could think was that he had a chest chiseled by Michelangelo and a stomach sculpted by Leonardo himself. Nipple rings and a tattoo? Why, my two favorite things. Nipple rings and tattoos are so damn sexy. The tattoo covered his back as well as his chest. Quint could tell because of the mirror on the dresser that faced her bed. That mirror in my room is a cursed thing. It goes tomorrow.
I’m doomed, but who would have thought that straight laced, starched and clean cut Galliani was hiding nipple rings and a tattoo of a dragon with the wings of an angel. The damn thing covered his back and the wings seem to reach over his shoulders and meet as if in prayer, the detail was incredible. He had to have sat for a while and it had to have been painful. There were words in the wings, looks like Latin. Quint used her fingers to trace the artwork that was him. She moved around to his back and ran her fingers down his spine. Quint was intrigued by the masterpiece, she was trying to translate the words that were in Latin, but it wasn’t one of her best languages. The feel of his skin keeps breaking my concentration, so warm it was almost hot, but smooth. I want to feel that warmth all over me. She pressed herself to his back and just inhaled. I can’t get enough of that scent. What is it? I just can’t put my finger on it but it smells right. As Quint rubbed her cheek over the tattoo she could hear his heart beating a mile a minute. 

Quint moved around to face him. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, it was like being on the outside looking in. Quint rubbed her cheek against the rings. The rings were cool, but his skin was so hot, a startling contrast that made Quint moan with pleasure. His nipples seemed to strain toward her mouth, begging her to take one between her teeth. Are they pleading with me to give them a lick? Quint pressed her nose and face into the center of his chest.
A Little Mini-Madness, Available Now Via  Amazon

The After Glow Strut…
You can contact and follow DeLeetra via her Facebook and Goodreads. You can also find her through her publisher Triquetra Studio. DeLeetra loves to hear from readers so don’t be shy. Check out her Facebook page and say hello.

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