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Casual Smex Friday with Angelica Dawson

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Welcome to the very first Casual Smex Friday! Today you’re encouraged to sit back, relax and get smexy. Smex day posts consist of four segments.

1.) The Quickie- For those of you who only have time for some quick relief. 
2.) The Afternoon Delight- For the reader who wants a little foreplay before smexing.
3.) The Midnight Grind-For those of you who want to go beyond foreplay and get to main show.
4.) The After Glow Strut- For those of you not afraid to show your love and go for another round.

Today I’m bringing you an interview with the ever lovely and ever naughty Angelica Dawson. Let’s get started shall we?

The Quickie…
Name: Angelica Dawson
Stats: Angelica has been writing for several years and having sex a lot longer than that. She is a wife, mother and environmental consultant. Her love of plants and the outdoors is not diminished by the bloodsucking hoards — mosquitoes and black flies, not vampires.
Latest Release: Blue Moon House
Genre: Paranormal Erotica with BDSM elements
Blue Moon House Blurb: Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of the vampires, and each has their own exacting cost. Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again. Eventually her perseverance pays off and she crosses from submissive to dominant and vampire.
Availability: ARe | Amazon | Smashwords
Smex Quotient: A definite scorcher. This is so not your Mamma’s romance. Dust out your sex dungeon, break out the handcuffs and tell your man to get home early.

The Afternoon Delight… 

So tell us about your latest release, Blue Moon House...
Angelica: Well, it's intended to have a little bit of everything. I've been reading the Marquis de Sade lately, and upfront he warns readers that they won't like everything he describes, but he expects they'll all find something they enjoy. That's essentially what I did with Blue Moon House. Julia, the human candidate, is exposed to almost everything she can and can't imagine. Some of it doesn't appeal to her, much of it won't appeal to the reader, however, the Doms and Julia find something in it that reveals something of the pair indulging. There is a reason for the actions of the vampires which is usually obvious to the reader and quickly evident to Julia. That said, the most crazy acts are tempered by the mutually satisfying orgies that occur toward the end of her testing.

The vamps in your book are definitely hot and dominant. Did you have a favorite character to write?
Angelica: At the time, it was probably Nicholas. He struck me as the most moderate. However, since writing Jocelyn's story for a prequel, I'm actually really enjoying Will!

Hmmm, that sounds promising. What was your favorite scene to write?
Angelica: Julia and Justin immediately after she wakes as a new vampire. Justin is in it for pain, and the new vampire can deliver.

Are you working on anything new now? What should readers be on the look out for in the future?
Angelica: As I mentioned I'm writing prequels based on each of the vampires. Jocelyn's is already through the first draft and I'm in the middle of Harry's. It's nice, writing something historical without having to be over precise (little happens outside the salons and bedrooms).

The Midnight Grind…
Dust off your flogger, unbutton that blouse, loosen that tie and kick off your shoes. Here's a smexy excerpt for your reading pleasure...

     “Control?” Julia asked.
     “You know this,” Nicholas scoffed. “The control is always with the submissive. You have the ultimate power, the maximum control.” He smiled at her own safe word.

     “The Dominant can only take what you choose to give. He had the power to stop Lynn when she fed, when she stretched him, when she tested him by giving him to me. You could say he had control in his real life as well. He could have stopped his parents, he could have shunned society, but here his control was so much more palpable, especially after the first time he used it. The way everything came to a complete halt surprised him, I think. I think he never really believed that power was his. He got a little giddy with it, and Lynn nearly sent him away for using it too freely. Instead, she gave him to me, and he realized that he might be put out of our house. He didn't enjoy his time with me, but he endured it and that endeared him to Lynn.”
     “So he and Lynn...?”
     Again Nicholas laughed. “They did continue for a few years after his change, but as you will find, if you choose to join us, we aren't so... possessive of one another as that. It would make things very awkward and difficult. No, we are testing you, in part, because you will be one of us. We would all share you and have you spend your time equally with all of us. You will cling to Harry most at first, of course, owing to your existing relationship, but to exist together, we need to be... freer than that.”
     Julia wasn't sure she understood, but certainly much of what Nicholas told her made sense.
     “And you still want your turn with me?”

     “Most definitely. Though, I think I already know most of what I need. You are an intelligent woman, if somewhat naive. That’s to be expected of a human who hasn't lived more than a few decades herself.
     Julia started. She was young. It hadn't occurred to her as she’d always been so much older than the others, but she was young compared to the vampires. Their experiences far outweighed hers.
     “What else do you need to know?” she asked, water sloshing in the tub as she lifted her hands to wash her face again.
     “When you are ready, I will show you,” he told her and rose from the toilet, closing the bathroom door behind him. 

Blue Moon House, Available Now Via  ARe | Amazon | Smashwords 

The After Glow Strut…
You can contact and follow Angelica via her blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Google +. Angelica loves to hear from readers so don’t be shy. Check out her blog and say hello.


Twitter: @angelicadawson

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