Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creating Tension in Romance Novels

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I'm a ridiculously voracious reader. When I'm not writing I read about 2-5 books a week across multiple genres. I know to many that may seem like a lot and to others not enough. Either way I read several books a week and I'm almost always sad to see one book end, and excited to start another. Unfortunately, I just finished reading an erotic romance that left me incredibly disappointed. Which is hella sad because I was looking forward to reading this particular book. Since this is not supposed to be a book review site, I won't mention the name or author. I will however, state that the book came highly recommended, has gotten rave reviews and is currently listed on amazon's best sellers list. Unfortunately I could not seem to find the enthusiasm for this book that so many other readers have. 

When I finally turned the last page of this book all I could do was sigh in relief, that it was over. I rarely don't finish books, but I was tempted to toss this one out after the first few chapters. sitting back and analyzing my reaction to this book I realized that it, like all the other books I've struggled unhappily to finish in the past, lacked an element that I find necessary to enjoy a good romance-TENSION. I felt absolutely no situational or sexual tension in the plot or between the characters whatsoever when reading this book. It was so frustrating! The story just kept moving forward with no apparant reasons or catalysts. Even Seinfiled had catalysts, and it was a show about nothing!

For me a bad plot or premise can be saved if the author can relay the proper amount of tension. It keeps me as a reader engaged and invested in the ending of the book. Without it I struggle to finish the book or don't even finish it at all, and will be less likely to purchase other books from that author again (fickle I know). Tension is the foreplay of plot. It's all part of the seduction a writer weaves to get you in bed with them and willing to spend hours turning the pages of their books. Sadly after finishing this recent book I'm left feeling used and unfulfilled. What do you think? What are your fundamental elements to romance? What leaves you wanting?

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