Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"How to Kill Your Immortal" Preview Chapters on Sale at Barnes & Noble

Hi Everyone,

How to Kill Your Immortal
On Sale Now!
It's done! I finally loaded the preview chapters to my book "How to Kill Your Immortal" to the Barnes & Noble Nook bookstore. The preview is listed at $0.99.The process was a lot easier than  thought it would be. I ran into a few glitches, but I'll   talk about those in a post dedicated to the PubIt! process.

The current cover art is temporary, and will be replaced with something a lot more professional and reflective of the story line. I designed the current cover myself using purchased stock photos. I'm happy with the result considering I've never worked on something like this before, but now I completely understand why other self publishing authors hire
cover artists to create their cover art. 

Of course, as soon as I posted the chapters I found a typo or two (or three or four), but I'm still very happy with the overall result. The first part of my book is finally out there and I'm so excited. I of course know there will be plenty of critiques, but at the same time I love knowing that somewhere out there someone will find my preview and actually enjoy it. They will actually meet my characters and want to read more. 

My soundtrack for today? Hate on Me by Jill Scott :)

Talk to you soon,

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